April 1999
Two Weeks in Italy (New)


May 2005
Miata drag racing
  May 2005
June 2005
The great walleye trip

YouTube Video
  June 2005
Who attacked my car?
July 2005
HiC ReUnion
  Sept 2005
China Part 1
Sept 2005
China Part 2

Sept 2005
China Snapshots

January 2006
Naptown's 175th Birthday

Nov-Dec 2005
Dash the Littlest Dog

May 2006
WCMC CLC Autocross
  June 2006
WCMC CLC Autocross
Sept 2006
Naperville Doggy Dip
  Sept 2006
Fishing on Lake Geneva

Oct 2006
Fall Photos

  Oct 2006
NU Loses Bigtime
Nov 2006
NIU Pow Wow
ISO 1600
  Jul 2007
World War II Bombers
Aug 2007
  Aug 2007
Chinese Acrobats - Navy Pier
Oct 2007

Nov 2007
Starved Rock State Park


Mar 2008
St Pat's Parade


June 2008
Alaska - Part 1
Alaska - Part 2


Sept 2008
Osaka Garden


July 2009
Various Concert Pictures


July 2009
Car Show with WCMC friends

YouTube Video


July 2009
Springfield, IL


Oct 2009
Anderson Gardens, Rockford, IL

  Feb 2010
Chinese New Years Parade
July 2010
Evanston's July 4 Parade
  September 2010
Virgo Cruise
October 2010
Chicago Marathon
  February 2011
Metamora, Illinois
A brief page in Lincoln's Life
Feb 2012
Chinese New Years Parade
  Civil War
At Naper Settlement
Cinco De Mayo
Chicago's Pilson Neighborhood
  Pontiac 2012
A Route 66 stop in Illinois
Bike The Drive
Lake Shore Drive
  Fall 2012
Fall Photos
October 12, 2012
Columbus Day Parade
  Lydia 2012
World's Best Baby
The Chocolate Santa
  Lilacia Park 2013
Lombard's Lilac Park
Civil War Days 2013
At Naper Settlement
  Summer 2013
More Lydia Pix
Caterpillar Visitors Center
Door County


Lydia's Dedication
Lydia Baby Party
Cousin Richard. Visit
Herrick Lake
Starved Rock


Lydia's Birthday Weekend
December 2013
Holiday Season 2013


Naptown New Years
Chinese New Years 2014
Saint Pats Parade
Lincoln Park


Bike The Drive 2014
Jacque & Kevin'sWedding
Jacque & Kevin's Reception
Calvacade of Planes

Chicago Botanic Gardens
Open House Chicago 2014
  Winterfest 2015
St Pats Parade 2015
Utah Road Trip Pix
Seilor Wedding
Van Gogh's Bedrooms
Bike The Drive 2016

  Toronto Road Trip 2017
Colorado Road Trip 2017
Florida 2018
-On the Road
-Biking Gulf Coast
-CorkScrew Swamp

  More 2018

-Bike the Drive
-Storm the Bastille
-Door County
-Linda's Wedding
-Fall Color
-Foreman 50th Reunion


Florida 2019
-Busch Gardens
-Sea World
-West Orange Bike Ride
-Shark Valley Bike Ride
-Other Bike Trails


Coming Soon





January-June Sbapshots
June-December Snapshots
Canal Shores Golf
Door County 2021




Cantigny's Abrijes Exhibit
Jan-March 2023
Eva's Graduation Party
Road Trip part 1
Road Trip Part 2
Road Trip Part 3
Warhol Exhibit at COD
Santa's Village
  More 2023 Umbrella Sky








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