Fishing for Walleye in Lac Seul, Ontario

Lac Seal is a man made reservoir lake about 200 miles north of International Falls.I went there in June 2005 with my cousins Fred and Ervin plus their friends Shane, Homer and Gordie.

About an 18-20 hour drive from Chicago.
The drive includes a 2 hour wait to pass Canadian Customs,
The last part of the trip is by boat. We moved our gear from two vehicles onto four boats and headed to our cabin. The voyager in the blue sweater is Steve, who helped us load and shuttle our gear. FirstI pictured his great great grandpa in a canoe full of beaver pelts. Then I pictured Steve doing that,
A two room cabin with a little guest house in back. The icebox runs off propane as does the stove. Coleman lanterns. No radio. No TV. The only technology was outboard motors and thank Yamaha for them.
Yep. We caught lots of fish. Most of them 3 or more pounds.The Canadian gummint only allows you to keep the smaller ones. Gordie on the right caught and released 100 fish by himself on the last day.

Here's the crew.

When we crossed the border back into the US, it occurred to me that I had seen a pretty girl in a week. Sure was good to get home.