Miatas go Drag Racing

Ten bucks to get in and watch. Twenty Five to watch AND run. Let's do it!

Taking it to the track!

A nice Barracuda on the strip. We didn't have to run against cars like this. Our miatas were
put in one run group and we matched up against each other.


Bill and Jeff drove stock 1.6 liters and had times in the 17 second range. Rich had a stock
94, but I didn't get his time. Chris and Harry ran their superchargers against each
other. Both had times in the 15 second range. Adam got his turbo miata down to 14.5 seconds.
Hey Adam, you have to wear a crash helmet if you break 14 seconds.

History Lesson:

You pass by the sleepy little village of Stillman on Route 72 just east of Byron. Here's what
it says on the historical marker.